Our History

In 1947, the Southern California Arizona Methodist Conference entered into negotiations with the Fain family to purchase the tract of land which was to become Mingus Mountain Camp. Francis LaPoint had been hired by the Conference to locate an ideal location for the camp.  With the direction of LaPoint, Methodists from Arizona and California providing the funding and manpower to build the original camp buildings.  A number of rustic miner’s cabins from Jerome were transported to the camp.  Other cabins were built by churches in the Phoenix valley are brought up to camp on flatbed trucks.

In 1953, portions of the original homestead  was recycled to create the building which currently serves as the Craft Cabin.  The dining hall was completed in 1956 and the director’s home was built in 1972.  Mesa Hall, built by 1st UMC Mesa, was completed in 1978.  1st Mesa also funded and built LaPoint Hall in 1981.  The Nurse’s Cabin was completed in 1986.  The 3 retreat cabins were built between 2001 and 2002, with funds donated by United Methodist  families in the Phoenix area.

Mingus Mountain Camp continues to welcome hundreds of guests year round.