Celebrate Abundance

Impact Mingus Mountain Camp & Retreat Center

“For everything, there is a season…”

In the Desert Southwest, your camps, Potosi Pines and Mingus Mountain, have had a great year—filled with many reasons to celebrate. Both ministry centers served summer campers from around the Desert Southwest, and both have served more guest groups and individuals, reaching almost pre-pandemic service levels.

When these beautiful locations receive this kind of usage, we’re thrilled, and yet the facilities and grounds get worn and a bit tired.

Just imagine mattresses with more heads than those beds have seen since 2019. More doors swinging open and shut, more lights on and off. More feet on trails. More need for water. More people welcomed and served in our dining halls. More campers are cared for by our healthcare staff.

In this season, as we “Celebrate Abundance,” we’re excited to embark on this campaign to raise $5,000 for each site so that we may pour back into the sites to improve the facilities this fall/early winter.

At Potosi Pines, your funds will support the team as we improve access to the Nurse’s cabin, allowing easier access for those with ambulatory challenges. Additionally, your funds will assist in improving and enhancing the outdoor chapel, reducing risk in a favorite place at Potosi.

At Mingus Mountain, your funds will support the center as we purchase new mattresses, improve cabins, and enhance program activities.

Will you join us to “Celebrate Abundance” this fall?