Campership Information

Mingus Mountain has two opportunities for campers to receive a campership to attend summer camps: the CRM Campership Fund and receiving funds from your local church.

Please read below for information on how to request these funds via your summer camp registration application

DSC Camp & Retreat Ministries Campership Fund

It is the belief of Desert Southwest Camp & Retreat Ministries that every camper who wants to attend camp should be able to do so!

Supporters of DSC Camp & Retreat Ministries offer summer camperships starting at $50 for half-week sessions and $100 for week-long sessions. Please fill out a Campership Request in your registration to apply!

Please note: 
A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at the time of registration to submit a completed registration for summer camp session/s, even if you are applying for a campership. If you cannot pay the deposit at that time, your registration will be saved as “in progress” until payment is made. Please follow all directions within the registration application process for additional information and assistance.

Local Church Camperships (not just UMC’s)

Camper Parent/Guardian seeking funds:

If you are part of, or connected to, a local church, you may request campership funds for your camper. Though the process may vary from church to church, we generally encourage you to contact your pastor or youth/family director and let them know you would like to sent your camper/s to a DSC Summer Camp and send them to this page to get more information!

Notes about completing registration: $50 deposit
If the campership you are seeking from a local church is going to cover all registration fees, including the deposit, please note you will not be able to submit your registration without a code waiving the deposit. You have two options:

    1. Fill out the camper registration application and save as “application pending” and then reach out to the Office Admin.
    2. Contact the Office Admin before beginning registration and provide them with the church name, contact person, and contact information.

The Office Admin will then reach out to the church to seek approval for funds. Once approved, you will receive a discount code to apply to the application and submit registration.

Local Churches sending campers:

The below buttons link to infographics you can download, email, print, and share on what the campership process looks like, how your church is invoiced, and how and where to send payment.

Church camperships must be approved 2 weeks prior to the summer camp session campers attend, so please reach out to us if you know of campers who should be approved for church camperships! Additionally, campers are not able to submit registrations without a $50 deposit, so if the campership covers the deposit, be sure to reach out to us about that, too. Contact our Office Admin, Emma Gowan, or 928-719-6162 (call/text).

To download these infographics, click the buttons below.