Women’s Empowerment Retreat

March 31 – April 2, 2023 at Mingus Mountain

Registration is closed – we are at capacity for this event.

If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please email ppegram@dscumc.org


What wants to be born in you anew? Women historically have gathered in ways to grow, nurture and support each other in all phases of life. Powerful things can be heard, seen and revealed when sitting with others.

This Re-Birth weekend is a space for you to be held and listened to as you spend time considering your Spiritual being, your Self, your Belonging, your Vision and your Goals.

We will use a dynamic process of self exploration thru self inventory, group coaching sessions, vision boarding, equine facilitated learning and nature just to name a few! We recognize that we all learn and process differently and so are providing a few different rich ways for you to find a way to listen to what God may be calling you to Re-Birth, Re-Discover, Re-Veal.

When you say “yes” to this experience, you will be provided with a begining questionnaire that will help get your thoughts and feelings alive and awake even before you arrive to the retreat. During our time, we will use group led coaching sessions to personally explore areas that you want to focus on growing  in your life. It might be a deeper spiritual connection, a more expanded way of self care, an important project or idea that hasn’t had the time or space to be envisioned for yourself. All of this!!!

We will use the structure of a Vision Board to help you begin to visualize what you want to bring forward in your life. We know the power of being able to see a possibility of something does start the growth happening… even if it’s only beginning to unearth itself from our subconscious mind. Or it’s been a quiet whisper you have heard from God over time. Envisioning begins to give it the traction it needs to begin to take more shape.

We also will use wisdom of horses. We will spend an afternoon out with the horses of Connect with Horses, LLC (Connectwithhorses.com). Horses are very intuitive animals who can often reveal things in us as we engage in relationship with them. People who engage with horses in a way of curiosity of self and horse often walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

And nature! So many lessons in nature and it’s ability to slow us down and be more reflective just as we are out in it. We will be at a camp setting among the trees and mountains that can remind us all that we are deeply grounded in God’s comfort and care even when we are embarking on new things. Stepping into new can create lots of feelings.  We will be surrounded in the GROUNDEDness of the nature around us.

And we do all of this within a group of like minded women… who also are wanting to Re-Birth themselves in a way that brings deeper and wider meaning!