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Desert Southwest Camper Scholarship Fundraising!

Our kick off event has concluded, but our fundraising for Camperships is ongoing! Our goal is to raise 75 full camper scholarships this year and there are a few ways to give. Please read below for details on giving!

After two years in the COVID pandemic, young people continue to face isolation, less connection, and more extreme feelings of loneliness. To say that children and youth are desperate for in-person relationships, nature experiences, and play is an understatement. Studies show time in the outdoors, face-to-face, with a diverse group of others plays a significant role in building connections and reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Mingus Mountain is a place where we provide these opportunities. At camp, we create accepting, loving, and experiential communities, where campers and staff are encouraged to grow into who God is calling them to be. What could be more beneficial in this era?

Due to the extraordinary challenges brought by the pandemic, more families need support to make camp experiences affordable. Join us as we create life-affirming, transformational communities.

3 ways to make a donation:

1.  Text: Text the word GIVE to 844-993-0296. (See below for more details!)

2.  Online: Click here

3.  Mail a check: Make the check out to Desert Southwest Conference with the memo stating Camper Scholarship, including for which camp, and send to:

DSC Camp & Retreat Ministries
PO Box 32830
Phoenix, AZ 85064

Text to Give

Step 1: New or Returning Giver?

New text to give donor? Text give to 844-993-0296 and will send you all the prompts to get setup.

Returning text to give donor? Text options to 844-993-0296 and will send you a reminder of options to choose from.

Can’t remember? No worries! If you text give and you don’t receive instructions within a few moments, try texting options instead.

Step 2: Make the Donation!

Check out the graphic on the right for all the vocabulary and directions you may need. When you are ready to give, text the amount, name of the fund (individual camp or both), and indicate if you want to cover the fees.

Donating to both camps: DSC Scholarships
Donating to Mingus Mountain:
Mingus Scholarships
Donating to Potosi Pines:
Potosi Scholarships

  • Example 1: You want to donate $10 to Mingus every month and cover fees.
    Text: 10 Mingus Scholarships Monthly cover
  • Example 2: You want to donate $455 to Potosi just this once and want to cover the fees.
    Text: 445 Potosi Scholarships cover
  • Example 3: You want to donate $50 to both camps and don’t want to cover fees this first time. But you decide later to cover the fees for future text to give donations.
    Text 1: 50 DSC Scholarships
    Text 2: Cover fees on

NOTE: Make sure you use the full name of the fund you wish to donate to, otherwise, the donation will go to both camps, DSC Scholarships, by default. If this happens and you want to correct the donation, text Fix [name of fund you want donation to go to]. Example: Fix potosi scholarship

Step 3: Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email and text stating you have given to DSC Camp & Retreat Ministries; don’t be alarmed! Your text to give donation went to the specific fund you indicated in your initial text.