Food Service at Mingus

Food Service at Mingus Mountain

Mingus Mountain exceeds camp food preparation standards. We’re committed to preparing wholesome, kid-friendly meals with high-quality ingredients and healthy options. Our kitchen consistently receives the highest inspection scores, and all cooks have a Food Handler Certificate. For groups mostly consisting of adults, we can make some, or all, meals “premium” for an extra cost.


The Operations Director works closely with our food supplier to source ingredients that are fresh, in-season, and of good market value to provide you with the best quality ingredients.


Food Service at Mingus Mountain features:

·     Cafeteria-style meals for retreats
·     Rectangle tables seating 8
·     Chef’s choice menu
·     Salad bar with lunch and dinner
·     Breakfast bar with oatmeal, yogurt, and cereals at breakfast
·     Fruit bowl available for the duration of your event–based on availability from our suppliers
·     Coffee and hot tea available from 7am to 7pm in the dining hall
·     Meals at 8am, Noon, and 5:30pm—we can flex mealtimes up to 30 minutes in any direction



Even fussy eaters will be happy to eat at Mingus Mountain! We plan the menu for each meal with the age of our youth campers in mind, offering delicious food while accommodating food allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Check out our basic “menu” HERE! 

Special Dietary Needs
Please note that to keep our overall meal prices the same in 2024, we are applying charges to some special dietary restrictions. See below for details about accommodations and additional charges.

Common dietary needs including tree nut/peanut and shellfish allergies, vegetarian, dairy free, and diabetes will be accommodated at no additional cost.

  • Please note our standard vegetarian accommodation is met by a well-stocked salad bar that includes various protein options in addition to fresh produce. For vegetarians who would like to receive a “meat substitute” such as beyond or impossible meat we do charge $5 per person per meal.
  • For those with diabetes, we don’t plan any special meal changes but are happy to provide an ingredient list/nutritional information so that they can track carbs and sugars appropriately. Please let us know beforehand so we can save that information for you.

Other dietary restrictions: gluten free, vegan, soy free, and kosher can be accommodated per person for an additional $5 per person per meal. Kindly let Jonathan know if someone is diagnosed with celiac’s disease as we want to keep you healthy and safe, email him at


Sadly, we are not able to accommodate dietary needs that are combinations of the above (i.e. vegan and gluten free, vegetarian and soy free, etc) Additionally, we are not equipped to address special diets such as food dye allergies, paleo, Whole30, FODMAPS, keto, etc. Guests with these special diets are encouraged to bring foods to supplement their meals. We are happy to store items, labeled and properly packaged, in the camp kitchen for guests with those needs.


For other special dietary needs, please contact Jonathan Gowan, Assistant Director at